London Fancies Print

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'London Fancies' is based on the London Fancy Canary, a unique variety of canary bred in London in the 19th century, deep orange-yellow with jet black wings and tails, which became extinct during the 1st world war. Canaries were hugely popular with the working classes in London in the 19th century. One journalist described them as being sent to ’rejoice the hearts of us dwellers in cities’ with their ‘sprightly movements’ and their ‘joyous and irrepressible notes of ecstasy’ (source ‘Beastly London’ by Hannah Velten). This print aims to replicate that feeling, lifting the hearts of us city dwellers, inspired by natural history illustrations of the time.

Edition of 50

Size  400 x 500 mm

High quality archival digital print on Somerset velvet radiant white paper, with hand coloured gold lettering.