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Animal Legends of the 21st Century - By Anna Walsh

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High quality archival digital print

On Somerset velvet radiant white paper 225gsm

Size - 42 x 50 cm 

Limited edition of 50

Based on antique celestial maps of star constellations and the myths that go with them, the idea behind this print is imagining a world in years to come, where all the animals depicted have died out and all future generations will have is some vague myths and stories about these unimaginable animals. 

The original antique prints included ‘hypothesis’ in the celestial diagrams about the solar system and how the planets moved. These have been adapted to suggestions as to why future generations might think these animals disappeared (much like we do with dinosaurs). The text around each animal gives a brief description of it, imagining you had never seen one. 

Although this print is bright and colourful, its message is to protect what we have now so future generations are not denied the chance to witness these extraordinary animals for themselves.

The drawings are all from original hand drawings, and using a mix of traditional and digital methods Anna creates the final ‘map’. This is many hours of work; drawing all the animals, creating the digital map, scanning all the drawings individually and editing them digitally so they are the right size and colour. A mixture of biro and paper, Procreate on an Ipad, Illustrator and Photoshop all come together to make the final image, which is printed on high quality archival paper.