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Animal Stars A3 Prints - By Anna Walsh

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16 individual A3 prints featuring animal myths and legends of London as star constellations. The celestial style images can be purchased separately or together to create a single feature. The ghost image of the River Thames in the background of many of the images links them all together (inspired by how the milky way is often depicted in antique star constellation prints).

Featured animals and their corresponding star constellations (numbered from top left) are:

1) Cygnus and Vulpecula (Swan and Fox), featuring the queens swans and the fox who climbed the shard.

2) Ursa Major (The Great Bear), featuring the bear that was spotted on Hackney Marshes in the 1980s.

3) Lynx (Lynx), featuring The Beast of Barnet, a lynx that was discovered in a Cricklewood garden in 2001.

4) Cameleopardalis (Giraffe), featuring the giraffes of Surrey Zoo, one of London's first zoos, once in Walworth.

5) Pegasus and Equuleus (Pegasus and the Little Horse), featuring Billie the white horse from the 1973 FA cup final, and the Little Turkey Horse, only 2 ft tall, viewed by permission of the queen in the 1700s.

6) Canes Venatici (Hunting Dog), featuring Fenton the dog, who chased deer through Richmond Park, becoming a YouTube star in 2011.

7) Leo and Leo Minor (Lion and Little Lion), featuring the lions once kept in the Tower of London, and Christian the lion cub, bought from Harrods pet department.

8) Aries (Ram), featuring the wild hogs thought to live in Hampstead sewers (kind of ram like?!)

9) Corvus (Crow), featuring the ravens that live in the Tower of London.

10) Monocerous and Canis minor (Unicorn and small dog), featuring the rhinos of the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries London and The New Chien Savant, a learned dog who knew Latin and Greek.

11) Canis Major and Lepus (Large Dog and Hare), featuring Mick the Miller, London's favourite greyhound, and The Wonderful Hare who entertained Londoners in the 1780's by playing the tambourine.

12) Taurus (Bull), featuring the Smithfield Nuisance, a bull who escaped and caused havoc in Smithfield Market in 1849.

13) Tucana and Pavo (Toucan and Peacock), featuring London's parakeets, alleged descendants of one released by Jimmi Hendrix, and the Bedfont Peacocks, 2 topiary peacocks outside a church in Bedfont

14) Lupus (Wolf), featuring Diable the wolf found in a Clapham garden in 1961.

15) Columba (Dove), featuring the Trafalgar Square pigeons, driven away by Ken Livingston in 2003.

16) Cetus (Sea Monster), featuring the whale spotted swimming up the River Thames in 2006.

Printed on Bockingford inkjet watercolour 190gsm paper.

Size - 420 x 297 mm